Inside every overweight person is a thin person wondering
how their body and their health got so out of control!  It may
be true that your lifestyle is partially to blame,
but it is not all
your fault!
We have all been subjected to a constant barrage of
, and it's no wonder that you are confused.
When you learn the truth about how your body works, it
makes continued success easy!
Add fun, motivation, and
accountability and it's a winning combination!
So what is a person to do?  Well, that's where we come in!
We are going to teach you how your body works and how to
help your body recover. Just like Sherlock Holmes and Dr.
Watson, together,
we are going to solve the mystery of
what works
for you!
You can be confident that your program is safe, simple,
effective, and predictable.
You won't feel hungry or
deprived. You will have plenty of energy, and you won't be on
a "diet" for the rest of your life! You don't need drugs, gym
memberships, or pre-packaged meals. The only thing you
need is a commitment to yourself.
Today is the day we turn
this around!
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What you lose matters! There are thousands of popular
programs for weight loss out there. They will all help you lose
weight, but
the type of weight you lose matters! Make sure
the program you choose is protecting your lean tissue
(muscle). Muscle burns the calories you eat so, if you lose
muscle, you will gain back everything you lost, and more,
when you stop dieting. We are going to monitor your lean
tissue throughout the program to assure you are not losing
The question you need to ask is, “Do I want to lose weight,
or do I want to lose
FAT? Your total body weight (the
number on your scale) is a combination of your lean tissue
(muscle, vital organs, bone, and water) and your total body
fat (what you see in the mirror). Our goal is to find that
perfect combination to compel your body to burn the stored
fat, while maintaining your lean tissue and your healthy
Our Products
Soups, Pasta &
Chips & Snacks
Ready To Serve
Walden Farms
Wildtree Oils
Healthy and flavorful,
Wildtree oils make cooking fun!
We carry Walden Farms products!
...No calories, fats, carbs, or sugars!
We only use Real Salt,
because nature has it right!
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