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The truth is that you don’t have to sacrifice your “soul foods” to be healthy. You only
have to make small lifestyle changes that enable you to enjoy your Southern lifestyle
without endangering your health or your waistline.

Y’all stop by and let us show you how you can keep your Southern heritage, and
your health, using our common sense approach to weight loss.

When you know better, you make better decisions!
In the Southern region, we are known for our unique cuisine and our hospitality.
Whether it's Sunday dinners of fried chicken and sweet tea at Grandma's house, our
world famous Barbecue Cook-Off, or deep fried butter at the Mid-South Fair, in the
South, we plan our social calendar around food! Add that to a busy lifestyle and a
world full of yummy tasting fast food, and you have a recipe for disaster!

Better Weight On Me!, we understand the way you live and the unique challenges
that our Southern heritage can present. We have been where you are! Our coaches
grew up here in the South. We have lived this unhealthy lifestyle, and we have faced
the challenges of maintaining our health and our weight. We have learned how to live
the Southern lifestyle without sacrificing our health.
Better Weight On Me!
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About Us