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So, how do I get started? First, we will schedule an initial consultation and ask you
to complete an in-depth health assessment to determine if there are any specific
health issues we need to address. During your consultation, we will discuss your
current lifestyle, eating habits, challenges, and goals. Finally we will use state of the
art technology to analyze your body composition (body fat and lean tissue
percentages) and assess your metabolic rate. Armed with this information we can
begin to design the program that is right for you. So let’s start at the beginning…

The Elimination Phase is designed to eliminate those elements of your diet that are
not working for you and compel your body to use your stored fat as the primary
source of energy until a healthy balance is restored. We do this by controlling the
amount and type of foods you consume during this phase. Foods that cause weight
gain or prevent weight loss will be temporarily eliminated from your daily diet.
Elimination of these foods stop the over-production of insulin, stabilizes blood sugar
levels, eliminates sugar addictions and sugar cravings, and allows the body to
eliminate stored toxins. There is no need for drugs, gimmicks or exercise. Burning fat
is a natural appetite suppressant and creates a reliable energy source. If you are
faithfully following the program, you will continue to lose fat predictably each week
until you reach your goal.

The Reintroduction Phase follows once you have reached your healthy goal
weight. We will systematically reintroduce the foods that were removed during the
Elimination Phase to stabilize your body at your new weight. Food groups are
reintroduced slowly so that you can see exactly how your body reacts to different
types of foods. At this point, some people may wish to consider eliminating certain
foods from their diet permanently. This can be helpful for those wishing to live a
Gluten Free, Dairy Free, or Vegetarian lifestyle.

Loving and Living the Lifestyle Phase is simply that…loving the new lifestyle you
are living!  You are now in control of your weight and your health. No longer a slave
to foods and the food industry, you are now beginning to eat for health and pleasure.
No more restrictions, only common sense! The tools you’ve learned throughout the
process will make maintaining your healthy weight simple and manageable. We will
help you design your lifestyle for long term success and we will be here to make sure
you stay on track.
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