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Frequently Asked Questions
What is different about your program?

Your body has three main sources of energy it depends on to meet your energy
demand: glucose...protein...fat. Glucose (sugar) is always the first source of energy,
because it is the easiest. Once the glucose is depleted, your body will steal protein
to supply energy. The last resource is your stored fat. Our program simply depletes
the glucose and protects the protein, compelling the body to turn to its fat reserves
for its main source of energy. This is a natural body process called ketosis.

What is ketosis? Is this dangerous?

Ketosis refers to the metabolic state when your body is using fat for the primary
energy source. This is how our ancestors survived during times of famine (we live
off of our fat reserves). It is perfectly normal and healthy. We all do a little "ketosis"
every night when we sleep. This natural process is our primary tool for burning the
fat quickly and efficiently.

My doctor says I have Metabolic Syndrome or Insulin Resistance? What is it?

Thanks to our fast paced, fast food lifestyle, we consume far more calories than we
require, and our bodies are struggling to store all those excess calories. Combine
that with the fact that these excess calories come in the form of highly processed,
high sugar, high fat, low nutrition foods, and the problem is only compounded. Your
body is now overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with “the design” to store all
those extra calories. The result is too much insulin production and insulin
resistance. Unless the situation is corrected, it ultimately leads to more serious
problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and excessive
weight gain. This set of problems is commonly referred to as Metabolic Syndrome.
Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance can be easily corrected with small
changes to your diet.

How do you protect my muscle during weight loss?

Our bodies need an adequate amount of protein to keep all the systems in good
working order. The problem is that none of us are getting enough protein each day.
During the program, we use the recommended daily intake of high quality proteins
to provide the necessary building blocks for healthy maintenance of muscle and
lean tissue and prevent the body from robbing your muscles for energy.

Will I be hungry or feel deprived on the program?

If you are following the program faithfully, you will not feel hungry or deprived. In
fact, the protein you will be consuming will make you feel full and satisfied. Protein is
the only macro-nutrient that actually satisfies hunger.

Diets work for a few weeks - then I hit a plateau, and my weight loss stops.
Why does this happen?

Your body is designed to survive during famines. When you reduce the amount of
calories you take in, your body will reduce your metabolism to help you get through
“the famine”. This will create a plateau and stop weight loss. Our program helps
prevent this by varying the amounts and types of foods you are consuming and
monitoring your metabolism at each follow up visit.

Why can't I have fruit? Fruit is good for me!

While fruits do not make you gain weight, they can slow down and even prevent
you from losing weight. That's because once metabolized by the body, fruits
transform into sugar - or glucose - and the glucose reserve is precisely that which
you want to deplete in order to get your body to begin to burn calories from your
excess fat supply. This is a temporary removal. You will be able to eat fruit again
once you have achieved your goal.

I often feel tired and weak when I try to diet. Why?

With most popular programs, the plan is to cut the calories you consume while
increasing the calories you burn. Can you see why this would make you feel tired
and weak? You are asking your body to do more with fewer resources. Our program
addresses this by switching your body to an alternative fuel source (stored fat).
When your body is burning fat as its main energy source, you get more energy.
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